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Quick look: Banking with gold

11w ago

What is a Klubeck?

Discover the real-life currency which the Klubeck of Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel may have been based on.

24w ago

Translating Old Banknotes

A deep dive into my process for translating archaic Imperial Russian banknotes, and the challenges behind it.

24w ago

The Latin Monetary Union

What was the LMU? Find out about the genesis of this important system, and its eventual end.

25w ago

French Bread Rations

25w ago

Roman Coin Abbreviations

28w ago

The Mutilated Currency Division

29w ago

Chicago World's Fair Half Dollar

29w ago

The Double-Headed Eagle

A crash course in the symbolism of the double headed eagle in Russian money.

31w ago

Japanese Invasion Money

A quick overview of the currency of wartime Japan, and the problems it brought with it.

32w ago

Imperial Russian 100 Rubles

A quick look at a an early 20th century Russian 100 rubles.

32w ago

In Focus Friday Review

Looking for a fresher take on numismatics amongst the throng of other video creators? Look no further than this channel.

32w ago

Early 20th Century Banknote Security

Modern banknotes have myriad special features to help protect them from forgery. But what about earlier notes?

32w ago

Swiss Blood Gold

The secret history behind the tonnes of unclaimed Swiss gold, which sits ownerless in banks across the country.

33w ago

Reeded Edges

Have you ever wondered why so many coins have reeded edges? Learn more about the history of this process.

33w ago

The Mistake On American Coins

Some coins suffer small errors in their production and minting, but did you know about the historical error on American coins?